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The Journey Begins – Vivid Sydney 2018

We are gearing up for our amazing journey starting next week. This will hopefully be the first of many.

Our holidays started with Vivid in Sydney as we are gearing up to head to Thailand – our stopover on our way to Europe.

Vivid in Sydney was stunning as usual. We did our usual trick and went in on a weeknight, which was a fabulous way to start our holidays. We only explored three precincts – the Royal Botanic Gardens, Circular Quay and The Rocks. We were in there ready to start at lights on at 6pm (after an early dinner at a pub in The Rocks, which was beautiful) and didn’t leave until lights off at 11:00 pm.


4 Responses to “The Journey Begins – Vivid Sydney 2018”

  1. Janine Wilson

    What amazing photography Belinda. You have really captured Vivid. Can’t wait to see all of your images from your trip. Have the best time! Janine


  2. Trish Butler

    Wow ! You brought Vivid to life ! Amazing work Bel 🌈🌈✨💫



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