Bangkok Day 1

We had to be at Sydney Airport at 7 am this morning, so decided to spoil ourselves and start the holiday by staying at Sydney Rydges at the airport. This was the BEST way to start our holiday with a view looking out over the airport. It was the first night in ages that we had rain and staying snug in our hotel room looking out at the pouring rain, we were very glad that we had made that decision, rather than struggle in so early the following morning. Our room at Rydges was absolutely brilliant. It was just perfect to relax and prepare for our grand adventure.

We walked over to the airport and were there right on 7am. Amazingly, there was hardly any body in the queue and we walked straight up to check in our bags. We got through customs and learnt that a jar of moisturising cream was not allowed through. Bel was not happy as it was full! Anyway, I bought some more.

We got onto the flight without incident, although the flight was full. The flight was pleasant and the movies enjoyable. Phil was watching a movie and jumped and let out a cry of surprise. The lady sitting next to us and I laughed.

We arrived at Bangkok airport right on time. We were through immigration really quickly. Our bags arrived quickly too and we were out in the airport within 40 minutes of landing. We were super impressed by the efficiency. We found our car transfer people and got organised for the trip into Bangkok.

It took over an hour! There was traffic everywhere. 8 – 10 lanes of traffic, although far less horns than Vietnam. There were many more cars that I remembered too. The city is massive. We finally got to our hotel, the Pathumwan Princess Hotel, and they were so hospitable. We are having room service (although opting for Thai food) and an early night as we didn’t sleep well last night due to excitement and text messages coming through.

We have an early start tomorrow as we have to be ready to go on a tour by 7 am and want to have breakfast first.

Day 1 is over and we are still super excited.


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