Venice, Italy

Friday 22nd June 2018

Today we had our photo tour planned with Marc from ‘photo walk in Venice‘. The weather report said that it was due to rain all morning, so we pushed it back from 4:30 to 6:00 am! Yes that is right – I was up ready to take photos at 6:00 am!!!! Crazy hey?

Anyway we were off. Luckily, when we started it was dry, and hadn’t rained much at all overnight. We headed to St Mark’s Square and experimented along the way.

It was so quiet and walking through the same streets was a little eerie with everything shut and no people around.

We got to the square and there were hardly any people (the advantage of coming so early in the morning). We started experimenting with Marc guiding us by suggesting angles and how to compose our photos better. He mentioned using lines and the geometry of buildings to build interest.

We then experimented around the Doge’s Palace, experimenting with different lines and focusing on details.

We then headed into the side of Venice not often seen by tourists. We wandered through to the Arsenal (military area). We didn’t go inside, just walked around it.

We then headed into a residential area and the heavens opened! We still experimented with different settings.

We then crossed onto another island, which is still part of the Castello district – Isola Di San Pietro. This was much more focused on fishing and other trades.

We started heading back towards our hotel. It was still raining and I was a little wet (although we had umbrellas).


We had a stop at a friend of Marc’s who owns a workshop where he creates and repairs gondolier’s oars. It was really interesting.

We got back to our hotel, thanks to Marc’s amazing navigation skills (and not taking the ‘scenic route’ also known as getting lost) and thanked him profusely. We learnt so much and had exactly the kind of tour we were after, having a glimpse into the life of Venetians, albeit in the rain – but we can’t control the weather. We headed up to our room and managed to catch the tail end of breakfast (it was just after 10:00 am). We relaxed and downloaded the photos.

We are really happy with the photos that we took with Marc and if you are travelling to Venice, you should definitely get in touch with him.


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