Venice – Murano and Burano, Italy

Friday 22nd June 2018

After we recovered from our morning photo tour, and the weather improved slightly, we headed over to Murano and Burano. We got to the right ferry stop without getting lost too much (we used Google maps and ‘Phil’ got us there!). We caught the number 12 ferry which went between both islands and Venice. We needed to buy a daily pass which was 20 Euro each, although the pass lasts 24 hours from time of purchase. The ferries ran every 20 minutes and we were told there was no last ferry back. I was eager to get some more clips for my hair (like Mum had got me when she was here) and maybe a Christmas decoration.

The first stop was in a shop where they offered the chance for you to watch a master create some art. There weren’t supposed to be any photos, but we got a sneaky one in. He was absolutely phenomenal. He made 2 glasses while we were watching. He was completely amazing and mesmerising.


The master craftsman at work

We kept walking down the avenue and discovered this amazingly beautiful thoroughfare. It was almost 3:00 pm by this stage and we were both hungry, so we sat down at a restaurant. It had the most glorious view and delicious food.

We kept walking along the canal and came upon their town square. It was beautiful with an a decorative glass sculpture. I loved it!

We found some clips and Christmas decorations and small souvenirs for some of the boys. We headed back to the ferry and went to Burano.

We started chatting with a lovely couple from Great Britain. The time flew by. Marc had told us not to go straight ahead when we got off the ferry but to turn left. He had said it wasn’t that big an island, so we couldn’t get that lost.

We took his advice and almost immediately were stopped by the most glorious coloured houses. Now most people know that I love bright colours – I was in my happy place. It was glorious!


Houses on Burano

Just stunning! Everywhere we looked – it was stunning. We were in our happy place taking photos and crossing canals in such a beautifully coloured place in the glorious sunshine (it had stopped raining). Bliss!

We kept wondering and stumbled upon their main shopping street, including their church and bell tower – which is definitely leaning!


Looking from one angle towards the church with the shops in the foreground


Different angle

Phil looked at this shot and couldn’t believe the lean of the bell tower. To be perfectly honest, however he was still reeling from an incident in the square. Whilst I was checking out some of the shops (perfectly acceptable past time), he went to get us some Coca Cola. Whilst in the little pastry shop, a Russian lady came in to get her children a drink each and a pastry each (there were two of them). This is not so unusual. What is unusual is that she paid the shopkeeper with a 500 Euro note! 500 Euros! At today’s exchange rate that is $784 AUD to pay for about $10 AUD worth of things.

Phil’s head was spinning for a long time. Anyway, it wasn’t spinning too much as he didn’t agree to buy a beautiful lace tablecloth that was only about $200 AUD. Next time we come here I am definitely making sure I have space in my luggage to bring something back from both Burano (tablecloths) and Murano (glass bowls and / or cups).

We kept exploring and discovering beautiful places to photograph:

Just as we were ready to head back to the ferry, I spotted some houses that caught my eye. Off we went in search of more great photos.

We were exhausted as we headed back to the ferry. We had obviously just missed a ferry (as no one was waiting) so we had a 30 minute wait. We got the 7:30 pm ferry back to Venice. We found our way home – well Phil did (with the help of Google maps). We ended up stopping at a local restaurant for something to eat before climbing all the stairs up to our room. It was gorgeous, but a late finish.


We had walked almost 17 km and 24 flights of stairs through the course of today! No wonder we were tired. We have another walking tour booked tomorrow (naturally there isn’t any other form of transport here on Venice – no cars at all). It has been a massive day – but amazing. We are falling in love with Venice.

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