Copenhagen / Cruise

Monday 25thJune 2018

Our cruise day is here! We woke up at 9 am and had breakfast with Kim. We headed back to our rooms to wash my hair, get the blog up to date and for Kim to pack her bags. We checked out and got the cab to the terminal. As we turned the corner in the cab and saw the ship for the first time, we were all astounded! This ship is massive! It is by far the biggest ship that I have ever seen! It’s crazy massive.

The cab dropped us off at the right terminal and we checked in. Everything is organised so well. They had people helping you through security and heaps of stations to check you in. We were on board much quicker than we had anticipated. Unfortunately, the rooms weren’t quite ready, but we dropped off our cabin bag and met our person who will be looking after our room – Eugene.


The first thing we wanted to do was a tour of the public areas of the ship at 1:30 pm. He showed us where a lot of the restaurants and shows were and what was available, including the World Cup matches and where you could see them. We were all hungry by this stage and so made our way to the Garden Café on Deck 15. This was a buffet style complimentary restaurant. Everything here is massive. I’ve walked into the restaurant and couldn’t believe how big it was. There were so many choices! It was so hard to choose what to have. We also discovered that they have Prosecco included in our drinks package – although it’s a Pepsi ship – not Coca cola – so Prosecco could be the drink of choice for me.

We headed to our rooms and got sorted and had some down time. I tried to send messages home, but the free wifi isn’t great. We have just left Copenhagen and are heading out into the Baltic Sea. We have our own private balcony with Kim in the cabin next to us.

We had already booked our restaurant for tonight months ago and so we are going to Cagney’s Steakhouse. This was part of our Dining Package as we can choose 3 specialty restaurants over the course of the cruise.  We have decided our entertainment option for tonight as well – Syd Rock Blast – essentially rock favourites from Aerosmith to Van Halen with Bruce Springsteen, Linda Ronstadt and Styx in between.

We have had a rest day today, with not so much walking (luckily my legs and feet are a little sore) although we have walked around the ship quite a bit.

We had a great night out! Cagney’s Steakhouse was absolutely amazingly delicious. The food was brilliant and the service exceptional. We absolutely loved Syd Rock Blast. All three of us were singing along to all of the amazing songs. We had a great time.

We will be docked in Rostock tomorrow morning. We are meeting our tour group at 9:15 am.

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