Cruise – Day at Sea

3rdJuly 2018

Wow! We really needed this sea day! We had been on the go every day and were grateful for a day where we didn’t need to do a great deal at all. We woke up, without an alarm for once, and went to breakfast. We had a nice leisurely breakfast and then decided where to sit for the day. We wanted to find somewhere nice and quiet. Phil was keen to sit outside, but I was too cold, so we found a cosy nook inside. It was perfect. I got a little caught up with photo editing and blog writing, whilst Phil also did some photo editing. We had Moderno booked for 6:00 so opted not to have lunch as we had all had a big breakfast. We just got some snacks to eat whilst working on the computer.

Phil and Kim had both wanted to go in the spa, but they were full. It was a very nice, relaxing calm day. We got to Moderno at 6:10 to be told that it wasn’t part of the complimentary package. Apparently the Cirque dreams and jungle fantasy counted as one of our free dining packages (even though we paid $15USD each on top of the dining package). We decided to go to the Manhattan Room instead, which is a complimentary option. Owing to the early hour we didn’t need to wait at all.

We had a lovely final meal on board the ship and then headed to Syd Norman’s Pour House for our final time. We had the best time. The Rock of Ages cast members who play in there were playing for the whole time. It was one of the cast member’s birthdays. It was just lots of fun. It was a great final night on board our first cruise.IMG_3997

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