Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday 4thJuly 2018

Copenhagen and American Independence Day

We had organised our bags the night before and our bags were due to be ready at 9:30am. We had called the hotel to book a car for us and they said that they would.

We had breakfast, found our bags really easily and got out of the terminal. There were people everywhere. Anyway, we found a cab (not as easy as that though) and got to the hotel.

The sun was shining and it was pretty warm – well by Copenhagen’s standards anyway. We had checked in, but the room wasn’t going to be ready for quite some time. Phil and I decided to head out and get on one of the hop on – hop off buses. Kim pointed us in the direction of the tourist information centre and off we went.

When we were looking at the prices, we found that it wasn’t that more expensive to get the 3 day option, which will also give us the chance to explore more on Friday. Whilst waiting for the bus, Phil had bought 2 bottles of water for us. He was shocked when he worked out that they were $5 AUD each.

As typical for Phil, we needed to sit up the top. This was fine, at first. I was okay as next to the window there was some shade and I had my hat on. Phil only had his cap and was sitting in the blazing sun. We did the whole loop and Phil was starting to feel the heat. We ended up sitting downstairs and got off at Nyhavn (translated to New Harbour) which is a 17thCentury waterfront area of Copenhagen. It has coloured houses on each side of the canal and looked just beautiful from the bus on the first time around. We had a late lunch and something to drink, eating in the shade as well, so we cooled off considerably.


Nyhavn, Copenhagen


Nyhavn, Copenhgen


Nyhavn, Copenhagen

I wanted to get photos of The Little Mermaid, so we chose to get on the Hop On / Hop Off boat. This way we could also see Copenhagen from the water. It was magical. Phil is always in his happy place out on the water and this was no exception. The city is so beautiful. We got off at The Little Mermaid, which to be honest, was a little underwhelming. It was really small, although not as small as The Iron Boy. We took some photos and Phil wanted some ice-cream. The scoop ice-cream was really expensive, so we bought 2 Magnum classics for essentially the same price. Just as we finished our ice-cream, the boat came. Perfect timing.

We got back on the boat and finished our tour on the hop on and hop off boat. We went into some of the quieter canals (although they were full of boat traffic due to the perfect weather). It truly is a pretty city. We went in a trip down the canal in Christianshavn, an area of Copenhagen that had a lot of boats moored in the canal. Interestingly there was a lively bar moored in the canal with patrons drinking in both the sunshine, the water views and their cold beers.

We ended up getting off near the dragon spires and walking back to our hotel, with the use of Google maps as we were both so tired, we didn’t want to get lost. It took us about 20 minutes to walk back and we met Kim in the lounge. We had something to drink and some snacks. She had been doing some research on Roskilde and had also found out about Helsinge, which also looked really cool. Phil and I were exhausted so we opted for an easy dinner. Kim volunteered to get Mcdonalds and we agreed. The fillet of fish I had was exactly the same as the one I get locally.

We had an early night as we were off to Roskilde tomorrow (and Helsinge depending upon if we have time).

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