Scotland, Edinburgh to Aviemore

18th July 2018

We picked up our hire car this morning and were able to get all of the bags and Mum into the car. (Luckily for Mum 🙂 ) It is a BMW and very flash. We got the rundown on the car – including how to connect my phone so we can play some music and were away. We hit some traffic on our way out of Edinburgh which was frustrating.

Our first stop was to get photos of the Firth Bridge (as suggested by Rich). We were very happy with the results.

Our next stop was Perth, UK (not Australia). Due to the traffic, we couldn’t spend a great deal of time here. It did look very pretty. We stopped to have morning tea, which we had brought with us from Edinburgh. We found a park to sit in and have it. It was lovely.

Our next stop was Dunkeld, which is a lovely old village on the River Tay. We had lunch here by the river which was a nice stop. We explored the village for a little bit and then headed off again.

We then headed towards The Hermitage. We thought it was only a short walk to The Hermitage – nope – it was a mile and a half round trip. It wasn’t that great and it certainly didn’t look anything like the photos.

We then went to Blair Castle. We got there and were told at the gate that we were too late. It was 4:28 and the final entry was 4:30! It would take us more than 2 minutes to park. By the time she finished arguing with us we could have made it, if she had phoned ahead. We paid for the gardens and raced up there. We went in through the souvenir shop and asked if we could have a look inside. One of the management team let us in, but we couldn’t go up on to the first floor as they had already started closing up the rooms. We were happy to see some of the castle. It was massive, with many artefacts over the years.

After we had finished here, we headed to Aviemore. This is where we were spending the night at Ravenscraig Bed and Breakfast. We got to the bed and breakfast where Scott happily greeted us. We got checked in and then headed out to dinner. Scott had tried to book us into a restaurant for dinner, but it was booked out. He was able to get us a reservation in a restaurant called Macdui’s. Aviemore was really busy with lots of people everywhere. It is in the Cairngorm’s National Park and so picturesque. We headed down to Macdui’s and had a brilliant meal.

We headed back to our room as we have an early start tomorrow. Scott has been beyond kind and has agreed to cook our breakfast early for us at 7:30am. We have to be up at Loch Ness by 9:15am.

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