Belfast, United Kingdom

Wednesday 25th July 2018

We are leaving Scotland today. We have really enjoyed our time here and would like to return one day. The scenery is stunning and we have really enjoyed our time in this area. We organised a cab to the airport and it turns out the driver had spent a month in Australia, so we happily chatted the whole way to the airport.

Mum was heading to Dublin to Megan, whilst Phil and I were off to Belfast. We got Mum checked in and then we went through security ourselves. We had organised airport assistance for Mum and saw her safely to the airport assistance area.

We got onto the plane and were so surprised that the flight time was only about 40 minutes. There were some very nervous people who obviously didn’t like flying who were on our flight. They were funny.

We landed in Belfast and got out of the airport fairly quickly, as it is considered a domestic flight as Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom, not the Republic of Ireland.

Our hotel for Belfast was the Hilton and they were amazing. Our room wasn’t quite ready, so the concierge stored our bags and we headed off to the Titanic Museum. This was one of the must do activities whilst we were here. The museum was amazing and we got the White Star Line premium pass. We ended up having something to eat and then went on a guided tour. They explained many of the different things about the site, facts about Titanic and other ships built in the Belfast shipyards.


The outline of the shipyards when Titanic and Olympic were being built. You can see the lines on the pavers that represent where the ships would have been

We headed inside to the interactive exhibition on the shipyards and Titanic. It was really interesting and the information was presented in many different ways.

We had a great time here and then got an uber back to the hotel, although it wasn’t that far. Phil was shattered after his big day of walking, driving and climbing up hills and stairs yesterday.

We are having an early night in the hotel tonight as we have an early start with Darren, a local photographer, tomorrow.

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