Dublin, Ireland

Friday 27thJuly 2018

We are leaving Northern Ireland and the UK this morning and travelling to Dublin. We are having a lazy morning – which is desperately needed after our late finish last night. We didn’t get back to the hotel until midnight. It was worth it because we got to see some much more of Northern Ireland and take amazing photos.

Check out of the Hilton in Belfast was midday which was perfect as our train was leaving Belfast station at 12:30pm.


The view from our room at the Hilton Belfast

We went for a walk in the morning to find where the train station was and what we needed to do. It is so close! It is quicker to walk than get a taxi.

We got on the train without any problems and really enjoyed this trip. We had paid for first class tickets and we were very pleased with the service and the journey.

We got to my sister’s and her husband’s house and relaxed for a while. We went out for dinner tonight as it was the night before her birthday. We went to a lovely restaurant. Mum had a great time too.

Saturday 28thJuly 2018

It’s my sister’s birthday today. She had planned to go on a nice walk this morning, alas normal Dublin summer weather had returned, so we went with Plan B. She had been looking to get a bird bath for her back yard so we checked out some reclamation places (things that sell 2ndhand / reclaimed pieces). The first place we tried had some lovely things, but nothing that would suffice as a bird bath. The second place was really cool and we found something that would work.


We headed back to their place, after stopping to get some groceries and getting my fringe trimmed. It was driving me crazy. Phil helped to put the bird bath in its spot. We had some time to relax after lunch so we worked on the blog and editing photos. My sister’s parents in law were also coming for dinner. All of the vegetables that we ate for the meal came out of Megan’s garden. It was a really delicious meal. Noelle (my sister’s mother in law) made a beautiful lemon tart for dessert. It was a fabulous meal with lovely company.

Sunday 29thJuly 2018

Today we are off to a garden show. Sadly, once again we have typical Dublin summer weather- wet and a little misty. Not what I would call summer weather. We found the garden show – the only show that the Royal Horticultural society run outside of Britain. It was more different stalls selling plant / garden related items along with some lectures about different things. Megan, her husband and Mum went into one of the lectures on growing cut flowers in Ireland. Phil and I went for a walk and ended up in the tea room. It was nice and cosy in there. After a hot chocolate and a cup of coffee, we checked out the garden stalls.


After we had finished here, we headed over to Larry and Noelle’s house. They had organised a late lunch for us with all of their family. It was so beautiful. They have such a lovely family. It was nice to see all of Paul’s family again. The last time that we had seen them was at the wedding. The semi final between Leceister and Cork was being played in hurling. We ended up watching the final 15 minutes – which then went into extra time. It was a really interesting game which we both enjoyed. It helped that Paul’s brother and sister were so patient in explaining the rules and what was happening. We had a great time here and were sad to leave.


We headed back to Dublin and got organised ready to fly off to Zurich tomorrow. Mum has changed her plans and is now not going home tomorrow when we leave but has extended her trip to Saturday.

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