New York to Waikiki

Wednesday 8th August 2018

We had an early start today as our flight was leaving Newark in New Jersey at 8:20 am. We got an Uber at 5:00 am. We got there and through security fairly quickly. We had upgraded our seats to Premium Plus and were very glad that we had. We had lots of leg room and just the two of us as the plane was organised 2-4-2 across. It was great. This is the biggest leg on the way home as the flight is almost 12 hours.

I got the blog up to date (well the typing of it anyway), edited some photos, finished watching Star Wars – The Last Jedi, watched Forrest Gump and The Greatest Showman. I slept for a little bit in the morning when we left.

We arrived in Waikiki. They are 6 hours behind New York. We checked in and relaxed for a little while, then headed up to The Cheesecake Shop for some food. This was amazing!

After this meal we were so full we couldn’t even order the cheesecakes we’d picked out for dessert! We went shopping to have a look at different things – namely shoes. Also still looking for a hat that I like as much as the one that I had from Cinque Terre that we lost.

We headed back to the resort to relax. We have an early start tomorrow for the sunrise photo tour.


Banyan Tree in the setting sun

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