Waikiki, Hawaii

Friday 10th August 2018

We had a lazy start to the day with no definite plans for today other than breakfast and shopping. We had decided to go back to the cheeseburger place for breakfast. We had enjoyed our meal and the service there so much. Ryan would love this place with all of the sports being televised at the bar – including the EPL.

We decided to go for a walk and head towards the Ala Moana shopping centre in Waikiki. We had heard mixed reviews about the Waikele outlets. They are a long way away with most people saying that they weren’t that good.

We walked along the main road in Waikiki and were getting really hot, so got an Uber. Phil isn’t well. He has what I had, except of course SO MUCH worse than I did – yeah right!

We had a look at Macy’s there and then wanted to find Ross as Kim had asked me to look for things for her. On our way to Ross we walked past a large shoe shop. We were looking for shoes for Tristan and me. We found some shoes for me – joggers only, but also some red converse which are cool too. We also found some shoes for Tristan – that he liked – the joys of wifi!

We got the shoes and headed to Ross. This shop is crazy. They have lots of clothes and other things too. I found some things for Kim and then looked at some clothes for me. Once I’d made some decisions about that, we looked at some clothes for the boys. It was really reasonably priced, so we bought more than we had planned to.

We walked through the rest of the shopping centre, although no other shoe shop had my size 😦

We ended up getting an Uber back to our hotel. Phil fell asleep and didn’t even want to go out for dinner later. I walked down to The Cheesecake shop to get the cheesecakes that we didn’t get from the other night and got some McDonalds on the way home. I’ve worked out that McDonald’s works on Hawaiian time and there isn’t anything fast about it.


Early night tonight. We are off to the Arizona memorial tomorrow at Pearl Harbour and we have a 6:00 am start!!!!!! (That’s crazy!)


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