Miyajima Island – 11th April 2019

We checked out of our lovely hotel and headed to the Peace Park to catch the fast ferry service over to Miyajima Island.


This service went on the Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route and was fabulous. We walked to the ferry pier and bought our tickets. As we were coming back the next day we were able to get a round ticket as you have two days to use them. This gave us a small saving. The return ticket was 3600 JPY. We got on the ferry and relaxed for the 45 minute journey to Miyajima Island.

Upon our arrival at the island, I approached one of the ladies on the pier about how to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto as our splurge accommodation on the trip. She contacted the hotel and they sent a minibus from the hotel to collect us. We were very impressed.

The minibus took us to the hotel. Wow! It was so beautiful. We were too early to check in, however we were able to leave our luggage with the front desk and go out to explore. The front desk staff were able to direct us how to get to the shrine and the Tori Gate. It was a little cloudy unfortunately, but at least it wasn’t raining. There were lots of tourists there, but most people were patient and considerate. It was so surreal seeing it for the first time. It was high tide and the gate was surrounded by water.

We went into the shrine and took some more photos. After going through the shrine we walked around and explored on the other side of the shrine.

We came across some beautiful places. They truly were stunning. The photos don’t do it justice.

After exploring some of the back streets we were getting hungry so headed to the shopping and restaurant area. This was really busy. We were trying to find somewhere nice to sit down and have a meal. We finally agreed on a place and it was amazing!

We did some shopping and then headed back to our room to relax and enjoy the facilities. Our room is so gorgeous. We are so glad that we decided to stay here for the night. I only wish we were here for two nights. Maybe next time.

We relaxed for a while in the hotel and then went out to take some more photos around dusk. Unfortunately it was still cloudy, so I couldn’t get my sunset photos.

We had dinner at the hotel (included in the price). It was traditional Japanese food. Dallas enjoyed it more than I did. Phil, Dallas and I went out to see the Tori Gate after dinner where there were only people around who were staying on the island. The last ferry back to the mainland leaves about 8:00 pm. It was so beautiful.

We headed back to our room to relax and enjoy the sea air. This has been a perfect stop on our trip to rejuvenate.

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