Osaka – 14th April

The weather today was cloudy and rainy. We had initially thought about going to Nara today, but the weather tomorrow is supposed to be much better, so we thought we’d just have an easy day today. Hang around the hotel and go out into Osaka to get a few things. We had a sleep in and breakfast at the hotel. We did some work on the blog and then decided to head out. We have decided to buy another bag for Dallas to take home (as he can take back 2 x 23kg bags and he only has one bag). This way we can send home the things that we really shouldn’t have brought in the first place and some of the souvenirs that we have already bought. Dallas had decided to go out with some of the men from the hostel where he was staying after our food tour last night and he was decidedly seedy. We did some shopping (and got a bag for Dallas to take home) and then headed to get some steamed pork buns for a very late lunch. We met up with Dallas and decided to take it easy for a while.

Dallas had been eager for us to try some ramen whilst he was there, so we went to Ichiran Ramen. The queue to get into the restaurant was massive.  We waited for about 45 minutes from the time we lined up outside the restaurant until we were seated and served our food. We had to order and pay for our meals from vending machines downstairs, then when we got upstairs and seated, they took our specific requests to make up our meals.


It was nice, but I personally wouldn’t rave about it. Phil enjoyed his meal, whereas Dallas hardly ate any as his stomach was still off. After here, we walked down to American Mura as I wanted to check it out for souvenirs for my son, Chris. There were lots of beautiful clothes, but they were very much American prices. My favourite clothes were 20 000 JPY (about ??AUD) and they weren’t anything to do with Japan, so we decided not to get them. As Chris pointed out, we could order them from the United States directly for that money.

We headed back to Dotonbori in the pouring rain, luckily our hotel had lent us some umbrellas on this wet, cold night. Phil and Dallas had decided to play ten pin bowling, so I went back to the hotel and worked on the blog. Today was just what we had needed so that we could rest a little.

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