Robe to Goolwa

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

We got up reasonably early and checked out of our accomodation. Our first stop was the Robe Obelisk. We were disappointed that the weather wasn’t better, but it is what it is. The Southern Ocean was unbelievably beautiful. The water is so clear and beautiful here.

Robe Obelisk, Robe SA
Robe Obelisk, Robe SA

We grabbed a quick, but delicious breakfast at the Robe Bakery and some sandwiches for later. We then headed back on the road, heading towards Goolwa. This route followed the coast with some stunning scenery and also alongside the Coorong National Park. We had planned to go on a road through the Coorong, but it was dirt road and my Mazda 3 doesn’t like dirt roads, so we rejoined the main road again.

We had a stop at Jack Point Observatory and got to see this section of the Coorong. The Pelican Islands were too far to see any pelicans there. It was so peaceful and untouched. Just gorgeous.

Coorong National Park at Jack Point Observatory

We headed to Meningie and went for a drive around Lake Albert. It was pretty but we decided to stay on the main road and headed back to Meningie.

Lake Albert, Meningie, South Australia

We saw the sign for the Pink Lake and stopped on the side of the road. There were some other people there viewing it as well.

It didn’t appear too pink when we were there, which was in the middle of the day. I’m also not sure if there was any water in the ‘lake’. It was just salt crusted mud where we were on the edge.

Back in the car with the next stop at Goolwa. We caught the ferry across the Murray River at Wellington, which was so beautiful.

The ferry crossing at Wellington, SA

We drove around and got an understanding of how big Lake Alexandrina is – it’s huge. It is 649 km2 and was so beautiful. We didn’t have a real sense of how big it was – until we were driving around it for a few hours.

We arrived into Goolwa in the afternoon. We were tired. We found our accomodation and couldn’t believe that we were staying on the banks of Lake Alexandrina. It was so beautiful. We would highly recommend the Boat Haven, Goolwa.

The dock at the end of the pier at Goolwa Boat Haven.
Looking towards the township of Goolwa and the bridge going over to Hindmarsh Island.

This accomodation was amazing. We were able to hear the water lapping on the shore, but were in a solid unit.

We relaxed and had our sandwiches here this evening as we were too tired to go out. We felt so lucky to get to stay here. Rebecca had been so helpful with all of our changes due to COVID.

Off on a cruise tomorrow to explore the Coorong.

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