Niagara Falls

2nd August 2018

We had an early start out of Montreal this morning. This time the car was on time with just the two of us and it was a much more pleasant trip to the airport. We got on the flight without incident. We found our way to the Niagara Airbus meeting point and got onto the shuttle. We skirted Toronto, sadly and headed into beautiful country areas. We went past many wineries and other fruit growing areas.

We arrived into Niagara Falls and the driver slowed down as we rounded the corner to the hotel so we could get our first glimpse of Niagara Falls. It is so much bigger than you can imagine. It is majestic. We checked in to our hotel – Marriott On the Falls and luckily they had a room available. We dropped our stuff, sorted the cameras and headed out. Our first port of call was the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. I had a voucher to convert into tickets, so Phil got into the massively long line while I lined up at the ticket office. By the time I was served and sorted, Phil was almost up to where the ticket office was. The line was moving very quickly.

We were still amazed by the sight of these fabulous falls. We got down to the river level and were handed our ‘raincoat’. The sheer power and volume of the water started to become apparent at this level. We got onto the boat and headed up to the Canadian Falls (the horseshoe). There is so much water here turning into vapour, there is a permanent mist. I got saturated, everywhere that my raincoat wasn’t covering. It is so hard to put into words the sheer volume of water that is pouring over the waterfall every minute.

After the cruise finished, we were so hungry (it was almost 2:00 pm by this stage and we had grabbed a bite to eat at the airport at 5:00 am). The girl at the photo booth suggested we go to a restaurant called The Secret Garden. We followed her suggestion and this was perfect. We had a beautiful lunch here overlooking Niagara Falls, hearing the waterfalls crashing down – somewhat muted thankfully.

We started with cheesy garlic bread. Phil then had fish and chips, whilst I had a burger. We shared a chocolate cake for dessert. We then walked along the area that follows the falls and river, stopping frequently to take photos.

We got to where the lake empties over the edge of the water and are still amazed by the sheer volume of the water and how powerful it is. I don’t like the chances of anyone surviving falling over here.

We headed back to the hotel to relax before the fireworks. We were still full from lunch, so opted out of dinner.

I fell asleep and Phil woke me just before the fireworks at 10pm. The falls had colourful lights behind them both (the Canadian and the American ones) and looked even more beautiful. The fireworks were pretty.

Off to New York tomorrow. We are getting picked up at 8:20 am.

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