Zurich, Switzerland

Monday 30thJuly

We left Megan and Paul’s this morning and went to Dublin airport. We were starting our journey home with a stopover in Zurich, Switzerland. We don’t have very long here, just a small taste really. We had been really lucky with airport personnel until this check in. She was a little rude and abrupt, which has been the opposite experience we have had up until now.

We arrived at our hotel in Zurich and I was feeling worse and worse. My throat had started to hurt in Dublin and it was just getting worse. I ended up having a sleep this afternoon so that we could go out and do our photo tour this evening. We met Chris, our photographer, who picked us up at the hotel and we drove down to the city centre. He took us to different locations around the river and the lake.

We took some beautiful photographs, but I wasn’t at my best. We had only organised a short tour in this location, and as it turns out, it was great due to me not being well. Chris was very kind and thoughtful in terms of me not being well. We experimented with some different kinds of photographs.

We found a restaurant for dinner. It was in a beautiful location but was pricey. (We had been warned that Switzerland was expensive). My chicken was 24CHF which I thought was ok. Phil tried the white sausage. It was one sausage and French fries also for 24CHF which is THE most expensive sausage he has ever had! The exchange makes his sausage and fries to $32.64 AUD. It was delicious, but pricey.

As we were walking to get a cab there were hundreds of rollerbladers going past. It was still quite hot at 10:30. It was so cool. They had Police escorts. We got a cab up the hill (luckily there was no way I could have walked UP that hill). Sadly, our hotel had no air conditioning (as it isn’t usually this hot in Zurich).

We are off to Montreal tomorrow.

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